Our State-of-the-Art Facilities

Introduction to Premier Learning Academy

At Premier Learning Academy, nestled in the heart of Chandler, AZ, we pride ourselves on being a beacon of early childhood education, where the joy of play and the rigour of academics blend seamlessly. Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that children learn best in a nurturing environment supported by skilled and passionate educators. The daycare Chandler community recognizes us for our commitment to laying a solid foundation for lifelong success.

Our State-of-the-Art Facilities

What sets Premier Learning Academy apart is not just our exceptional curriculum but also our purpose-built facilities. Our Chandler location boasts an extensive children’s library, a thrilling rock-climbing wall, and state-of-the-art stationary bikes. Spread over half an acre, our shaded outdoor spaces invite children into a world of adventure and discovery.

Our Award-Winning Programs

Top-Rated Preschool Program

The cornerstone of our offerings is our top-rated preschool program, recognized for funneling students into the leading local elementary schools. This program is meticulously designed to stimulate young minds, foster creativity, and encourage the kind of curiosity that leads to lifelong learning.

Curriculum Focus

Our curriculum is a harmonious blend of physical, intellectual, and emotional elements. With activities ranging from daily yoga sessions to interactive storytelling, our approach is holistic, ensuring that every child embarks on a journey of comprehensive growth. The classroom experience is enriched with sensory play, arts, and a strong emphasis on literacy, ensuring children leave well-prepared for the academic challenges ahead.

Our Dedicated Educators

At the heart of Premier Learning Academy’s success is our team of devoted educators. With the highest teacher retention rates in Arizona, our academy is a testament to the importance of having a stable and passionate teaching staff. Teachers like Ms. Elana and Ms. Stacy bring not only their expertise but also a genuine love for teaching, creating a warm family atmosphere that both children and parents cherish.

Embracing Outdoor Learning

We believe that learning should not be confined to the classroom. Our expansive outdoor play areas are designed to provide children with the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow in the natural world. These spaces encourage physical activity, teamwork, and a deep appreciation for the environment, integral components of our holistic education model.

Prioritizing Reading and Literacy

Understanding the pivotal role of reading and writing in academic success, Premier Learning Academy places a significant emphasis on developing these fundamental skills. Our literacy programs are designed to nurture a love of reading from an early age, often resulting in our graduates being ahead of their peers academically.

Community Recognition

Our commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed; from 2017 to 2022, the East Valley Tribune voted us the Best Of the Year, a recognition that speaks volumes about our dedication to the children and families we serve. This accolade underscores our status as a leader in early childhood education within the daycare Chandler community and beyond.

A Family-First Approach

Choosing the right daycare is a monumental decision for any parent. At Premier Learning Academy, we understand the importance of this choice and strive to make our center an extension of your family. Our doors are always open to parents interested in discovering what makes our academy special, from our enriching curriculum to our compassionate approach to education.


In the search for daycare Chandler has to offer, Premier Learning Academy stands out not only for its comprehensive curriculum and exceptional facilities but also for its warm, family-oriented environment. We invite you to join our community, where we partner with families to provide children with the skills, knowledge, and confidence for a bright future. Premier Learning Academy, where early learning meets joy, discovery, and success.

Embracing Outdoor Learning

Why Choose Premier Learning Academy for Your Child’s Early Education?

Choosing Premier Learning Academy in Chandler, AZ, for your child’s early education is a decision that aligns with the aspirations of many parents who seek not just an ordinary daycare but a holistic learning environment. What distinguishes us is our balanced approach, where the joy of discovery and play is harmoniously blended with a rigorous academic curriculum. Our educators are passionate about nurturing young minds, fostering an atmosphere where children feel loved, understood, and excited about learning. Our top-rated preschool program, coupled with state-of-the-art facilities, prepares your child for a successful transition to elementary school and beyond. Our approach is about creating a solid foundation for lifelong learning and success.

How Does Teacher Retention Impact the Quality of Early Education?

The importance of teacher retention in the context of early education cannot be overstated. At Premier Learning Academy, we boast the highest teacher retention rates in Arizona, a testament to our supportive and fulfilling work environment. Experienced educators bring stability, depth, and continuity to the learning experience. They develop deeper relationships with each child, understanding their unique needs, strengths, and areas that require more attention. This personalized approach is vital for nurturing a child’s love for learning and self-confidence. Our dedicated teachers, like Ms. Elana and Ms. Stacy, exemplify our commitment to creating a warm, family-like atmosphere that supports every child’s social and academic growth.

What is the Role of Outdoor Learning in Child Development?

Outdoor learning plays a crucial role in child development, an aspect deeply embedded in our curriculum at Premier Learning Academy. Our half-acre of shaded outdoor spaces and state-of-the-art play areas offer more than just physical benefits; they are a gateway to discovery, teamwork, and environmental appreciation. Engaging in outdoor activities fosters a child’s physical health, enhances social skills through group play, and nurtures a sense of adventure. It is our belief that learning shouldn’t be confined within four walls. The natural curiosity ignited in these outdoor settings translates to an enthusiastic and immersive learning experience across all areas of our curriculum.

How Does Premier Learning Academy Nurture Literacy from an Early Age?

At Premier Learning Academy, we understand the pivotal role that literacy plays in a child’s academic and personal development. Our literacy programs are carefully designed to ignite a love for reading and writing from an early age. Daily activities include interactive storytelling, sensory play, and a strong emphasis on developing both comprehension and expressive skills. Our approach is about making literacy fun and engaging, often resulting in our graduates being ahead academically. By creating a rich linguistic environment, we ensure that our children develop the foundational skills necessary for success, not just in kindergarten, but as lifelong learners.

What Should Parents Consider When Choosing the Right Daycare?

Choosing the right daycare is a monumental decision for parents. It’s about finding a place that not only meets your child’s academic needs but also provides a nurturing, safe, and enriching environment. When considering daycare options, look for institutions that offer a balanced curriculum emphasizing both cognitive and emotional development. Investigate the teacher retention rate, as it often reflects the stability and quality of the learning environment. Facilities equipped with purpose-built spaces for various activities, like those at Premier Learning Academy, support a child’s holistic growth. Lastly, consider the academy’s community recognition and reviews, as these can provide insights into the experiences of other families. We invite parents to explore Premier Learning Academy, a community where children thrive in an atmosphere of joy, discovery, and academic excellence.

Why Does Community Recognition Matter in Selecting a Daycare?

Community recognition is more than just an accolade; it’s an affirmation of an institution’s commitment to excellence in early childhood education. Premier Learning Academy’s repeated recognition as the Best Of the Year by the East Valley Tribune from 2017 to 2022 speaks volumes about our dedication to the children and families we serve. This accolade is a reflection of our holistic approach to education, incorporating not just academic excellence but also focusing on physical, emotional, and creative development. For parents, such recognition can serve as a reassuring indicator of the quality and impact of the education and care their children will receive. When choosing a daycare or preschool, it’s essential to look for institutions that are not only recognized for their curriculum but also celebrated by the community for their positive contributions to early childhood development.


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