Unique Features at Premier Learning Academy

Understanding Child Care in Chandler AZ

Finding the ideal child care in Chandler, AZ, can be a daunting task for any parent or guardian. At Premier Learning Academy, we recognize the importance of providing a secure, nurturing, and educational environment for our youngest learners. Situated in the heart of Chandler, our academy thrives on the foundation of setting children up for lifelong success, supported by a curriculum that emphasizes both academic excellence and the joy of discovery through play.

Award-Winning Curriculum

At our core, we believe that early education is crucial in shaping the future of our children. Our award-winning curriculum is designed to cater to the holistic development of a child, blending structured learning with creative free play. We offer an extensive children’s library, a rock-climbing wall, and a variety of physical fitness activities like yoga, ensuring that our students not only excel academically but also develop strong, healthy bodies.

Unique Features at Premier Learning Academy

Distinctively, Premier Learning Academy offers a wide array of amenities and programs that stand out in the realm of child care in Chandler, AZ.

Purpose-Built Facilities

Our facilities are purpose-built to cater to the needs of young learners, featuring half an acre of shaded outdoor space for activities, a rock-climbing wall, and stationary bikes. These amenities ensure that children are engaged in meaningful play that promotes physical health and exploration.

Extended Hours for Convenience

Understanding the busy schedules of today’s parents, we provide extended hours at both our South Chandler and Queen Creek locations. This flexibility offers convenience to our families, ensuring that quality child care is accessible even outside traditional hours.

A Nurturing Environment for Growth

At Premier Learning Academy, we pride ourselves on creating a warm family atmosphere. Our dedicated teachers, led by a team of experienced educators including Ms. Elana, Ms. Leora, Ms. Stacy, Ms. Amanda, and many more, ensure that every child feels loved and valued. This nurturing environment is pivotal in fostering self-confidence and a love for learning among our students.

Our lower student-to-teacher ratios allow for more personalized attention, further enhancing the learning experience and ensuring that every child receives the care and guidance they need to flourish.

Focusing on Holistic Development

Child care in Chandler, AZ, should go beyond just academics. At Premier Learning Academy, we emphasize the development of the whole child. Our curriculum incorporates daily physical activities, arts, sensory play, and music to encourage creativity and practical connections beyond the classroom.

Outdoor learning is an integral part of our program. Our state-of-the-art outdoor play areas provide children with ample space to engage in physical activities and explore the natural world. This hands-on discovery is essential for fostering a connection with the environment and promoting a sense of curiosity and wonder.

We also place a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills, preparing our students to excel as they transition to kindergarten. Our graduates often find themselves ahead of their peers, thanks to our focus on developing superior reading and writing skills from an early age.

Community Recognition and Awards

Premier Learning Academy has been recognized for its outstanding contributions to early childhood education. Voted the Best Of the Year by the East Valley Tribune from 2017 to 2022, our academy is a testament to the high-quality education and care we provide. This accolade is a reflection of our commitment to excellence and our dedication to nurturing the next generation of learners.

Choosing the Right Child Care in Chandler, AZ

Choosing the right child care provider is a significant decision for any family. In your search for child care in Chandler, AZ, consider what Premier Learning Academy has to offer. With our balanced approach to education, focus on holistic development, and nurturing environment, we are dedicated to setting children up for lifelong success.

Our team of caring and skilled educators, innovative facilities, and commitment to excellence make us a premier choice for families in the Chandler area. We invite you to join our family at Premier Learning Academy, where every child is cherished and given the foundation for a bright and successful future.

Community Recognition and Awards

How much is Child Care per month in Arizona?

Child care costs in Arizona vary greatly depending on the type of facility, location, and the age of the child. On average, for premier child care services like those offered at Premier Learning Academy in Chandler, AZ, families can expect to spend anywhere between $800 to $1,200 per month. This range encompasses the holistic development approach, with access to an award-winning curriculum, purpose-built facilities, and a nurturing environment. We believe in providing value by merging top-notch education with the joy of discovery through play, ensuring your investment in your child’s early years is fruitful. It’s always a good idea for parents to research and visit facilities to understand the specifics of what their fees cover, enhancing their peace of mind about where they’re entrusting their children’s early education.

How much does Child Care cost in St Louis?

Although our expertise is in Chandler, AZ, it’s widely observed that child care costs can significantly differ from one state to another. In St. Louis, parents might find themselves budgeting for child care within the range of $900 to $1,200 per month for quality care similar to what we offer. It’s important to note that these figures can fluctuate based on numerous factors including the child’s age and the type of program. We encourage families to seek options that provide a balance of educational and developmental activities, prioritizing environments that foster growth and learning, much like our own commitment at Premier Learning Academy.

How much is daycare in SC?

In South Carolina, the cost of daycare varies, but families can generally anticipate spending between $650 to $1,000 per month. This variation is based on the specifics of the daycare’s offerings, with the lower end potentially reflecting basic care and the higher end indicative of facilities that offer enriched educational programs akin to what Premier Learning Academy prides itself on. Regardless of the location, finding a daycare that values both academic and emotional development is key to your child’s success in their formative years.

How much does daycare cost in Phoenix?

Close to our home base in Chandler, daycare costs in Phoenix tend to be in the range of $800 to $1,300 per month. The investment in a child’s early education within this range typically includes access to comprehensive programs that support holistic development, similar to our model at Premier Learning Academy. These programs blend structured learning with ample opportunities for creative expression and physical activity, ensuring a well-rounded early childhood education.

Why should parents in Chandler, AZ choose Premier Learning Academy for their child care needs?

Choosing Premier Learning Academy in Chandler, AZ is a decision that positions your child for lifelong success. Our unique blend of an award-winning curriculum, purpose-built facilities, and a nurturing atmosphere sets us apart. The dedicated team at Premier Learning Academy, including seasoned educators like Ms. Elana and Ms. Leora, focuses on nurturing each child’s potential, ensuring personalized attention that fosters self-confidence and a love for learning. With extended hours for convenience and a commitment to holistic development, we provide an educational foundation that is both enriching and engaging, making us a standout choice for families.

What are the benefits of incorporating physical activities into child care programs?

Incorporating physical activities into child care programs, as we do at Premier Learning Academy with our rock-climbing wall and yoga sessions, is critical for fostering healthy development. Beyond the obvious physical health benefits, including improved coordination and strength, physical activities play a substantial role in cognitive development. Exercise stimulates brain growth and boosts cognitive performance, contributing to better academic outcomes. Moreover, engaging in varied physical activities from an early age instills a love for an active lifestyle, promoting lifelong health. Our approach enables children to explore their interests, learn teamwork, and develop problem-solving skills in a fun, supportive environment.

Why is a low student-to-teacher ratio important in early childhood education?

A low student-to-teacher ratio, a hallmark of the care provided at Premier Learning Academy, is pivotal for early childhood education. This setup allows for more individualized attention, catering to each child’s unique needs and learning pace. It equips teachers to truly understand their students, building strong, trusting relationships that bolster children’s confidence and encourage risk-taking in learning. With fewer children per teacher, we can foster a more personalized educational experience, enabling detailed observation and tailored feedback that supports each child’s developmental milestones. These intimate learning environments are crucial for nurturing not just academic skills but also social and emotional growth in the early years.

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