New Year = New Parenting

Parenting should be universal… I think it is so refreshing to hear of different childcare methods from parents around the preschool. We are so lucky to have such a diverse community of families that we get to share to the quirkiest tips. Even if they seem completely against my beliefs, an open mind to how other cultures approach potty training, dental hygiene and other fun stuff like discipline and defiance is so interesting to me.   

Don’t tell my girls that in Spain they can stay up as late as they wish because they will be on the first flight out to Madrid. Spaniards believe that hanging out with family and friends as late as need be is just fine. Might sound completely irresponsible to you but socializing and bonding takes precedence in the Spanish culture. Count me in!

So according to the rest of the world, everything I have struggled to achieve throughout the past decade of parenting is a bad idea!

I thought that my paranoia of frantically watching my precious bundle in her stroller while we are in public to ensure she is safe from harm was a must! Hmmmm… Moms in Kenya and Denmark insist that I am wrong. Apparently, leave your little miracle at the curbside in her stroller bundled up for a nap while you go shopping for some groceries is a social norm.

What? No way! I am stunned. In complete disbelief!

Are there no criminals in Danish society? How is it that a parent can just let go and not stress out over the welfare of their little earthling? Something tells me there is a lot of cool stuff we can learn from our neighbors across the ocean.

Enjoy this very cool article about the most eccentric parenting methods I have never heard of…