Ms. Linny


My husband and I met 18 years ago during our freshman year of high school and we have been inseparable since.  After 14 years of learning life together and exploring the world we decided to start our family. We now have 2 incredible kids that have taken us on this remarkable journey of Parenthood.

I have only been at PLA close to two years, yet I feel as though I have found my home. My teaching experience began here, surrounded by passionate and devoted teachers alike.  While this is a new career path for me, it is one that I have been waiting my entire life to begin.  When my husband and I met, I made a promise to myself to devote my world both personally and professionally to our family.  When I saw the love and excitement our daughter has at coming to school, I knew this was it. Whether the children are learning their numbers, how to handle their emotions or learning how to use this big crazy thing called a potty, I love every second of it.

Prior to this dream come true, I started my career at Walgreen's. I went from a high school cashier into a very successful career as a manager.  There, I was promoted to manage the entire store operations, as well as pharmacy.  Subsequently I became a corporate trainer for management and pharmacy personnel. After twelve years with Walgreen's, I transferred my skill-set to Pharmaceuticals where I managed a department consisting of compliance, patient care, IT and analytics. I am incredibly thankful and so excited to merge my two

passions - children and leadership. I look forward to meeting you all, please stop by and say hi! :)