Ms. Leora


Teaching for the past two decades in both private and public school districts in Ontario, Canada has been a thrill. I learned that real education takes place when children are engaged and left to imagine the rest. My classroom is always filled with laughter, music and fun as I live for the moment when a face lights up and a pre-Kindergartener says: “I get it now!” Through my many years as an educator, I realized the significant need to build self-esteem and discard all notions of predetermined expectations. No child is left behind under our care, and therefore with patience and determination, we teach to focus on students’ strengths rather than weaknesses. A mother of 3 vivacious young boys, I learned to insist on putting our children first. Being a parent is definitely the greatest challenge and as you walk through our doors day after day, I identify with you in both wonderful and challenging times. Alongside my sister Elana, I can’t wait to change the world together one child at a time!