Ms. Elana

Head of Operations

I was born into a family of teachers – my father is Physics professor, my mother a Math teacher, and my two sisters teach Language and Special Education. The passion for education filled our home, hence my dream to teach since I was little!  By the age of 21, I founded a successful tutoring agency in Toronto Canada, which gave me exposure to teaching one-on-one early in my career. I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Social Science and Literature, and then returned after giving birth to my first daughter to pursue a second degree in Education. 

I taught in both Elementary and Middle Schools in Ontario for 5 years and later advanced onto High School for another 3 years. Focusing on Special Education, Guidance and behavioral issues was my strong suit. I was happiest in the classroom, interacting with my students – forming wonderful bonds, changing lives and then sad to see them go year after year… I am proud to be both a parent at and owner of Premier Learning Academy – a second family that my sister and I have always dreamt of.