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For years now, online and in-person escape room games have become a leisure plan in which group bonds and individual ingenuity are strengthened. Not only do friends decide to spend an hour of their time unraveling mysteries, but some companies also organize them to see how their teams work together outside the office.

This scary escape room is quite popular among young workers who come to these activities to have a good time and disconnect from their problems.

The best escape rooms have a fairly simple concept. It is a room from which you have to escape at a certain time to win the game. In the room itself, you will find all the clues and objects that will help you ‘finish the puzzle’ that will grant you freedom, although sometimes you can ask for help from the escape workers themselves (they watch you at all times with a camera) if you feel you are stuck. 

Escape rooms in Chicago always have a specific theme. You can be a detective solving the murder of a famous actress or an archaeologist who has to find the Holy Grail.

Escape rooms can do a lot for work teams, and that is why several companies use them as a tool not only to have leisure time but also to detonate the capacity of innovation in their teams.

This is what our escape rooms can achieve in your teams:

  • They acquire or develop the capacity of the whole since the team members have to develop a reflective process in the situation to be solved.
  • Participants have to bring into play their personal communication skills, their ability to work in a team, their ability to solve problems, and they must work as a team.
  • Increase the motivation of the participants in learning: In this sense, we are not saying that everything must be learned with this methodology, but it is proven that using this technique to learn in some areas produces an increase in the motivation of workers (especially in young people) as far as their learning process is concerned.

And although traditionally, escape rooms are face-to-face experiences, the coronavirus could turn our lives upside down in a very short time, so the themes have had to adjust to the current reality and open virtual escape room options. 

Our online escape room experience is an engaging and experimental event designed by specialists specifically to test people’s creative and problem-solving abilities and discover the types of leadership and decision-making dynamics that arise spontaneously in teams.

Remotely, teams must complete a series of tasks and puzzles in order to escape the room successfully within the established time limits. To do this, participants via video call will have to review evidence, decipher codes, and avoid being misled by false evidence. Our virtual escape room uses image recognition and augmented reality technologies to create as immersive an experience as possible and to make the whole process more fun and rewarding for the participants.

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Online Escape Room Chicago

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Online Escape Room Chicago

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